Pandora’s Box

Generally described as Hope, these are the bits left behind to make my ADD day easier. The box is deep, so the inventory is still growing.

  • Big analog clock floating over my desktop. I use the sort that allows for customization since I eventually stop seeing it. Right now it’s red and green for the holiday.
  • Timer that snaps me back into the moment, thanks to an alarm that sounds every 15 minutes if I have small tasks, or on the hour if I have larger ones. Not surprisingly, the alarm is a loon call.
  • To Do List, always in view.
  • After a few months, crossing off a finished item wasn’t  satisfying. Now I use the Sticky post-it note widgets that spring up when you hit F12 on an iMac. I write a note for each task, making it as specific as possible, then move it to the left of my screen. When the task is done I shift it to the right side. It’s all very tactile and rewarding; for the moment.
  • Radio, or radio-like (Pandora, Last. FM, et al.) Otherwise I’ll spend too much time looking for the next song. Or worse, the next album cover if the song is coverless. When it comes to accounting for every Mp3 with the appropriate cover, I’m like a vampire — it’s said that a good way to escape a vampire is to throw a handful of sticks at its feet. It can’t give chase without counting them first.
  • Drugs. By the handful.

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